A collaboration in Toulouse, France, between Pierre Fabre Research Institute, the University Cancer Institute and the Cancer Research Center aims to collect and integrate data to improve and personalize immuno-therapies.

Immunotherapies are imposing themselves as a revolution in cancer treatment, giving hope to many previously incurable patients. They aim to restore the natural defences mounted by the body against cancerous cells, such as lymphocytes, which are often disarmed by the tumour. Despite the promising potential, around 30% of patients do not benefit at all from immunotherapy. Better characterising the inter-cellular interactions in the tumour microenvironment will be key to propose new kinds of immunotherapy.

LungPredict involves performing a deep molecular characterisation of lung cancer patients at diagnosis, to offer them personalised therapeutic approaches. The pilot phase (2019) consisted in developing logistic, experimental and bioinformatic protocols, assessing the feasibility of the full project.

The plan is to produce transcriptomics, targeted sequencing and high-content imaging on tumour samples for a few hundred patients. Blood is also being collected for future analyses and all data is linked to patients’ clinical records.

As part of this alliance between the company, researchers and clinicians, more similar projects will be launched in the future to exploit an integrative approach to achieve better personalized treatments for other cancers as well.

Participants in the project are:

IUCT-O, Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse-Oncopole (CHU Toulouse, Institut Claudius Regaud Centre de Lutte Contre le Cancer) [ more about IUCT-O ? Click here ]

  • Department of Pathology (Pr. P. Brousset)
  • Laboratory Medicine and Genetic Oncology (Pr. G. Favre)
  • Imag’IN platform [ have a look here to Imag’IN website ]

IUCT Rangueil-Larrey (CHU Toulouse) [ more about IUCT Rangueil-Larrey ? Click here ]

  • Department of Pneumology (Pr. A. Didier)
  • Department of Thoracic Surgery (Pr. L. Brouchet)

Pierre Fabre Research Institute [ more about PFRI and their Oncopole project ? Click here and here ]

CRCT, Cancer Research Center of Toulouse (UMR 1037 Inserm, Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier; ERL 5294 CNRS) / CRCT Technology Center [ have a look here to CRCT-TC website ]

Please click here to access the press release about the “Alliance Oncopole”




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