IMLINFO is a cross-border network of personalized immunotherapies for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas (NHL) involving 7 organizations located in Spain and France. Its main objective is to determine the efficacy of new immunotherapy treatments through the creation of a NHL repository associated to a 3-dimensional (3-D) culture.

IMLINFO is formed by a multidisciplinary team with experts in 3-D culture systems, multicellular cultures, as well as in its structural characterization and drug penetrability by state-of-the-art microscopy. Likewise, the pharmaceutical company integrated in IMLINFO contributes its proven experience in the development of small molecules as innovative immunotherapies already licensed to international pharmaceutical companies. In order to move towards a personalized medicine, cross-border cooperation is paramount for obtaining a large number of samples from NHL patients coming from hospitals in the POCTEFA territory along with scientific -technological collaboration.

For more information, please visit here IMLINFO website or contact Christine Bezombes.