General presentation

The dedicated website of the CRCT’s Technology Cluster is available here.

The Technology Cluster of the Toulouse Cancer Research Centre (CRTC) has been based on the Oncopole site in Toulouse since July 2014.

The decision to group several technology platforms so as to enable their “collegial” operation and thus the sharing of facilities and resources makes this site unique in Toulouse.

About fifteen engineers can offer technical skills in a broad range of areas:

proteomics (biochemical and mass spectrometry methods) and molecular interactions (Biacore technology),

flow cytometry and cell sorting,

imaging (confocal microscope and video microscope),

vectorology (biosafety L3 laboratory),


production of monoclonal antibodies,


biological Resource Centre for Blood Malignancies (Inserm’s collection).

Their mission is to provide support for research projects regarding:

their design,

the conduct of experiments,

training in the use of freely accessible specific equipment,

the interpretation and presentation of results,

 the compilation and dissemination of publications.

A Technology Watch Committee made up of engineers from the Cluster and research scientists or support staff from CRCT teams, has the task of establishing a general strategy for the Cluster’s development (review of equipment requirements, funding, etc.).

Operation of the Technology Cluster is governed by a Charter that has been approved by the CRCT’s managers and team leaders.