Découvrir le Centre

The CRCT has been on the site of the Oncopole of Toulouse since summer 2014.

Smart project of more than 41 M€ financed by the Région Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Toulouse-Métropole, the French Government, the Inserm, the CNRS, the FNADT and the FEDER, the building owned by the Inserm houses over 13 000 sqm of floor space (over 25 000 sqm for the total area) the teams and platforms of the CRCT, but also the services of the CREFRE (Regional Center for Functional Exploration and Experimental Ressources, UMS 006 Inserm / University Toulouse III Paul Sabatier / ENVT). The building was inaugurated by the French Prime Minister in October 2014.

Discover here the architectural project on VIB Architecture’s website.