Call for applications for the position of Director of the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse (CRCT)

Inserm, the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier and the CNRS are opening a call for applications for the position of Director of the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse (CRCT) from 1 January 2027 (wave A HCéRES).

The CRCT ( is a premier public research center dedicated to cutting-edge cancer research, located on the Oncopole site in Toulouse, in the South West of France, under the joint supervision of Inserm, the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier and the CNRS. The CRCT currently hosts 18 teams conducting world-class research at both the fundamental and translational levels, in close collaboration with the clinical teams at the Toulouse University Cancer Institute (Oncopole Claudius Regaud, Toulouse University Hospital), around the central themes of immunology, oncometabolism, signalling, microenvironment, tumour genetics, RNA biology, clinical pharmacology, computational biology and artificial intelligence..
The CRCT’s Technology Cluster provides cutting-edge platforms for cytometry and cell sorting, cell imaging, genomics, bulk and single-cell transcriptomics, bioinformatics, and vectorology, as well as the neighbouring zootechnics and mouse model creation services of the Regional Centre for Functional Investigation and Experimental Resources (CREFRE). This Technology Cluster provides technological support both for the CRCT’s teams and for affiliated academic and private entities. Finally, the CRCT’s management relies upon support services (administrative and financial management, IT, technical and logistical services, centralized procurement and supply chain management services, office of communication, and health and safety department) to provide support, expertise and advice to the CRCT’s teams and platforms.

The Director of the CRCT must be an internationally renowned leader in the field of cancer biology/oncology/tumor immunology with an exceptional track record in research. He/she will define a creative and ambitious scientific strategy for the CRCT, at the national and international level. He/she will also have a managerial mission and will decide, in agreement with the CRCT’s governing bodies (notably the Laboratory Council), on the use of the financial and human resources granted by the supervisory bodies. For the scientific management of the CRCT, he/she will coordinate the Strategic Council, which includes all the team leaders, the leaders of the scientific axes and transverse programmes, the Director of the Technology Centre and the Director of the Toulouse-Oncopole University Cancer Institute; for the governance of the Unit, he/she will be able to rely on a Deputy Director, who will have to be determined, as well as on an Administrative Director appointed on an Inserm permanent position.

Ideally, candidates should hold a position at Inserm, the University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, the CNRS or, subject to a possible secondment, another university or research institution. The successful candidate’s mission as project leader will take effect during the first quarter of 2024 (midway through the 2021-2026 mandate of the CRCT) and will continue for the duration of the next mandate, which will begin on 1 January 2027, the date on which he/she will be officially appointed Unit Director by the CRCT’s supervisory bodies.

A formal declaration of candidacy, including CV, titles and works as well as a letter of intent, must be sent to before 8 May 2023. The formal declarations of candidacy will be evaluated by the CRCT Strategic Council: the candidates will then be informed if their candidacy has been preselected. At the end of this first stage, the pre-selected candidates will have until Monday 17 July 2023 to send a detailed application file. These files will be transmitted to a jury of external experts who will make an initial analysis and who will then interview the candidates in September 2023.

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