M. Bardiès

  Multiscale dosimetry for radiotherapy optimization








Our research project at a glance


Radiotherapy efficacy relies on treatment personalisation: Irradiation must be elevated in tumour targets, whereas healthy/critical organs/tissues irradiation must be minimized.

Our team works at optimizing several forms of radiotherapy, by measuring or modelling radiation transport at various scales, from cell to patient.




Targeted RadioTherapy (TRT) is a cancer therapy based on the administration of radiolabelled selective vectors. Currently, administration is based on fixed activities, eventually modulated by patient mass or body surface area. This approach disregards pharmacokinetics inter-patient variability, and does not benefit from the possibility to perform a patient-specific assessment of delivered irradiation.

Our objective is to implement a paradigm shift from “radioactive chemotherapy” towards “systemic radiotherapy”, where each patient benefits from a personalised treatment.

With this aim, our team develops innovative dosimetric approaches at all scales (cell, tissue, patient) by quantifying activity distributions (quantitative imaging) and modelling radiation transport for various emitters (alpha, beta, Auger) used for TRT.

These developments in radiation transport modelling are progressively extended to preclinical and clinical external beam radiotherapy, mainly in a context of complex irradiation or/and small irradiation beams.


Key words


  • Dosimetry
  • Monte Carlo modelling


Labels and networks


  • Network OpenGate
  • Networks Geant4 and Geant4-DNA
  • Network EFOMP (European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics)
  • Network EANM (European Association of Nuclear Medicine)
  • Network AIEA (International Agency of Atomic Energy)
  • Network EURAMET (European Association of National Metrology Institutes)


Selected publications


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