H. Avet-Loiseau / L. Martinet

  GENIM : genomics and immunology of myeloma







Our research project at a glance

Our team is entirely focused on multiple myeloma (MM), a cancer of the bone marrow.

We develop three main axes:

  • massive sequencing of tumors to understand how molecular abnormalities impact patient survival,
  • analysis of the immune system of these patients in order to try to activate it to eliminate the tumor cells,
  • analysis of the interactions between tumor cells and the medullary microenvironment.



Our objective is mainly translational, that is to try to improve the therapeutic management of the patients in order to prolong their survival. To achieve this, we have created a national network that has enabled to build the world’s largest tumor bank, linked to a computer database that brings together the clinical and evolutionary characteristics of these thousands of patients.

Our first axis aims at sequencing the genome of these tumors with the aim of identifying subgroups of patients who would be better able to respond to specific treatments in order to help clinicians in their therapeutic choices. In the same vein, we have developed a technique for quantifying minimal residual disease in patients in complete response, in order to adapt the treatment to the residual tumor mass.

The second axis aims to better characterize the immune system of patients with MM, with a dual objective:

  • to understand the causes of immunodepression of patients by characterizing the different immune compartments,
  • and to propose therapeutic approaches based on monoclonal antibodies targeting immune cells.

Our third objective is to better understand the interactions between tumor cells and other normal bone marrow cells, which contribute largely to the clinical expression of the disease, mainly bone fractures.

We focus our research on mesenchymal stem cells.


Key words

  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Immunology
  • Microenvironment
  • NGS


Selected publications


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