E. Cohen-Jonathan Moyal / C. Toulas

  RADOPT : Optimization of radiotherapy: from mechanisms to clinical trials







Our research project at a glance

Our team is a translational research team specialized in optimizing the radiotherapy treatment of glioblastoma (GBM). We first decipher the biological mechanisms of GBM radioresistance, then perform preclinical and clinical trials to evaluate the efficiency of combining radiotherapy with specific inhibitors of the radioresistance mechanisms we previously identified.  We focus our research more particularly on the role of GBM stem cells in the tumor radioresistance.



Our team is a translational research team in radiobiology, specialized in optimizing the radiotherapy treatment of glioblastoma (GBM). Our research is conducted in 3 complementary approaches:

  • first by deciphering the biological mechanisms of tumor radioresistance,
  • by performing preclinical trials to validate targets for new radiosensitizer agents and to identify new predictive markers,
  • finally by conceiving and performing early phase clinical trials performed in our Institute (IUCT) associating targeted drugs directed against the target identified in the lab with radiotherapy and integrating metabolic imaging studies, as well as surrogate biomarkers.

This 3-axis strategy to improve the GBM radiotherapy treatment efficiency is now amplified by strengthening our research on tumor heterogeneity and more particular on GBM radiation-induced migration and plasticity as well as GBM stem cells (GSC) involvement in GBM radioresistance.

This team also pursues its investigation concerning the mechanisms sustaining glioblastoma differentiated cells radioresistance by investigating the role of microenvironment factors as integrins and growth factors.


Key words

  • Glioblastoma
  • Resistance to radiotherapy
  • Stem cells


Selected publications


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