P. Cordelier

  ImPACT : Therapeutic innovations in pancreatic cancer


Our research project at a glance
Pancreatic tumors display a remarkable molecular variability that results in a unique ability to escape and survive therapy. Our research effort is dedicated to improve the molecular understanding of pancreatic tumors and therefore to better address the role of intra-tumor heterogeneity in diagnosis and the development of therapeutic resistance.
Our general objective is to better understand the complex relationship between molecular heterogeneity and therapeutic resistance of pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PDAC), to help alleviate the dismal prognosis of this disease with no cure.

To this end, we developed basic research programs to investigate the function of candidate proteins involved in the fine-tuning of mitosis, DNA damage repair and replication, and tumor metabolism. We found that these proteins are heterogeneously expressed in patients and control experimental tumors growth. In cohorts of patients, we identified specific molecular signatures, including circulating, noninvasive nucleic acids for patients’ stratification.

In parallel we created with LAAS-CNRS novel nanodevices for candidate biomarker identification / quantification.

Last, we are engaged in bench-to-bedside, personalized, translational preclinical programs and first-in-man clinical trials using gene therapy to defeat pancreatic tumor resistance to conventional chemotherapy and next-generation immunotherapies.

We expect that our scientific program will bring new insights in the molecular heterogeneity of tumors, to develop innovative strategies that will overcome pancreatic adenocarcinoma resistance to treatment.

Key words

  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Molecular heterogeneity
  • DNA damage repair
  • Mitosis
  • DNA replication
  • Tumor metabolism
  • Gene therapy
  • Oncolytic virus


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Selected publications


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