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Our research project at a glance

Non-Hodgkin B cell lymphoma (NHL) including chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) are increasingly frequent hematopoietic malignancies. Their treatment relies on chemotherapies, immunotherapies and radiotherapeutic combinations, but relapse and/or unresponsiveness are far too frequent. So our team aims at improving the efficacy of such treatments, notably by assessing newer immune checkpoint blockers (ICB) in this context.

Last update december 2019




More specifically, we develop novel tools including analytic methods and biological models to find new molecular pathways for targeting NHL by novel drugs, and assess these in preclinical models, prior to translate the most promising ones in Phase l/ll clinical trials of IUC-Toulouse Oncopole.

This includes :

  • predicting response of patients to treatment (ibrutinib in CLL, ICB in NHL, CAR-T cells in DLBCL),
  • harnessing innate immunity against lymphoma models,
  • development of a humanized anti-TAM mAb neutralizing the stromal support of NHL.

Last update december 2019

Key words
  • Lymphoma
  • MALC models
  • OncoImmunology
  • Datamining
  • Bioinformatics
  • Single cell RNAseq
  • Therapy
  • Immune checkpoints
  • Flow cytometry

Last update december 2019


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Last update december 2019

Selected publications


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