Dr Antonio Maraver IRCM, Montpellier – Role of the Notch pathway in lung adenocarcinoma biology and treatment: lessons from preclinical mouse models

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien , Toulouse

EGFR mutated lung adenocarcinoma patients treated with gefitinib and osimertinib show a therapeutic benefit limited by the appearance of secondary mutations, such as EGFRT790M and EGFRC797S. It is generally assumed that these secondary mutations render EGFR completely unresponsive to the inhibitors, but contrary to this, we uncovered here that gefitinib and osimertinib increased STAT3 phosphorylation […]

Pr Roland Liblau CPTP, Toulouse – Immune checkpoint blockade, neuroinflammation and paraneoplastic neurological disease

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien , Toulouse

Paraneoplastic neurologic disorders (PND) are immune-mediated neurological diseases that develop in the setting of malignancy. The target onconeural antigens are expressed physiologically by neurons, and aberrantly by certain tumor cells. These tumor-associated antigens can be presented to T cells, generating an antigen-specific immune response that leads to autoimmunity within the nervous system. In an animal […]

Conférence CRCT : Dr Alexandre David / IGF, Montpellier – Spatial distribution of FTO adjusts stem-like properties through RNA modification

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien , Toulouse

Cancer stem cell (CSC) represents a minor subpopulation of tumor cells endowed with self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation capacity, which can escape from chemotherapies, disseminate and seed metastasis. Understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie CSC abilities is a major goal to design new therapeutic strategies that may prevent both tumor relapse and metastasis formation. Despite accruing […]

Conférence CRCT : Dr Ola Larsson / Karolinska Institute, Sweden – Translational control of cancer and stromal cells

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien , Toulouse

Estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) activity is associated with increased cancer cell proliferation. Studies aiming to understand the impact of ERα on cancer-associated phenotypes have largely been limited to its transcriptional activity. Herein, we demonstrate that ERα coordinates its transcriptional output with selective modulation of mRNA translation. Importantly, translational perturbations caused by depletion of ERα largely […]

Conférence CRCT : Dr Christopher Pin / University of Western Ontario – Cell stress and epigenetic reprogramming in pancreatic cancer

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien , Toulouse

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer due to its late diagnosis and resistance to therapy. While genetic factors have been linked to pancreatic cancer, these account for less than 10% of all cases suggesting a significant role for environmental and epigenetic factors in the disease. My laboratory studies signaling pathways activated […]

SFRBMT-2020 : Les Avancées scientifiques de la Recherche Bio-Médicale Toulousaine 2020

Auditorium Marthe Condat Université Paul Sabatier

La Structure Fédérative de Recherche Bio-Médicale de Toulouse (SFR-BMT) organise le 28 janvier 2020 à l'Auditorium Marthe Condat de l'Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, une journée scientifique où seront présentés les travaux majeurs publiés récemment dans les laboratoires qu'elle fédère. L'objectif étant de prendre connaissance des avancées scientifiques qui ont eu lieu depuis un an […]

Toulouse Onco Week 2020 : un congrès autour de la résistance thérapeutique

La Toulouse Onco Week (TOW) prépare sa troisième édition. Centré cette année autour de la résistance thérapeutique, ce symposium international organisé par l'Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse se tiendra du 1er au 5 février 2020. Reflet d'un réseau de recherche, d'innovation et de soins dense et dynamique, la TOW accueillera lors de cette édition […]

Conférence CRCT : Dr Valérie Dutoit / Université de Genève – Therapeutic vaccination for glioblastoma

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien , Toulouse

The peptidome contains the critical peptides presented at the tumor cell surface having the potential to be recognized by CD8 T lymphocytes. We used peptide elution to identify 10 glioblastoma-associated HLA-A2-resscticted antigens that had the characteristics to be highly expressed in tumors, to have very low or absent expression in healthy tissues, and to be […]

Conférence CRCT : Dr Camille Lobry Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris : Non-coding genome and epigenetic regulation of transcription in leukemia

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien , Toulouse

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) is the most common acute leukemia diagnosed in adults and is accounted for approximately 25000 new diagnosed cases per year in Europe. Despite the use of chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation, AML has a dismal overall 5-year survival of 24% and almost 50% of AML patients relapse after treatment. Currently, there […]