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Research Teams

Our global objective for the next five years is to find new drugs and technologies for treating cancer; this fundamental objective will be backed to translational medicine, clinical trials and care at the neighboring hospital Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse-Oncopole.


The common project of current CRCT groups is to provide a better understanding of the four “cancer editors” levels (departments): 

  1. Genetic & Cellular Oncology 
  2. Tumor Biology 
  3. Hematology & Immunology
  4. Experimental Therapeutics

Accordingly, the current team projects concern genetic instability and gene alterations modifying the molecular biology of cancer cells, the local microenvironment of tumors which either supports or counters tumor cell growth by molecular, cellular and tissular mediators, the local and systemic influence of immunity which either promotes or counteracts cancer growth and finally, studies of issues raised by therapeutic responses. We ambition that this research will lead to better cancer therapeutics.

Briefly summarized, these team objectives are respectively:


 Optical tomography of tissue: morphologic and metabolic contrasts
05/05/2017 - Dr Claude Boccara - Salle C. Cazaux - 11:00 - 12:00

 Postmitotic nuclear assembly: Role of human telomere tethering to the nuclear envelope for the reformation of a functional G1 nucleus
28/04/2017 - Dr Laure Crabbé - Salle C. Cazaux - 11:00 - 12:00
Inserm Université Toulouse 3 - Paul Sabatier CNRS