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EducationGeneral presentation of Master Cancero

General presentation of Master Cancero

Master 1

At the level of Master 1, two different training courses are relevant for the CRCT: 

  • The Master “Bio-Santé” from the Faculty of Sciences. This Master that hosts more than 150 students per year is directed by Pr. E. Lacazette (Team 5, CRCT) and Pr. J.M. Devaud. In addition, Pr. C. Cazaux (Team 2), Pr. H. Prats (Team 5) and Pr. E. Lacazette are in charge of Formation Units in the fields of gene expression, genome integrity, nucleus organization, tumor angiogenesis, etc. An experimental training of two months is also required and all the CRCT teams actively participate to this training through research. 
  • A teaching dedicated to students (50 per year) from Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary Schools is organized by Pr. G. Favre (Team 3) and Pr. J.P. Delord (Team 17). The course presents the fundamental concepts of cell differentiation and molecular oncogenesis for the understanding of the pathophysiology and the treatment of cancers. The focus is on research methods and strategies to sensitize students to experimental approaches in oncology.

Master 2

Almost all CRCT group leaders as well as team members who are Professors, Associate Professors or INSERM/CNRS scientists are involved every year in teaching Master students (M2R Cancerology and M2R Physiopathology) at the University Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier.

The M2R Cancerology (20 students) includes topics such as: oncogenes and tumor suppressors, DNA instability and cancer, the anticancer immune response, cell death, tumor angiogenesis, microenvironment, metastasis, gene therapy, evolution of therapeutics, etc. Since this M2R mix students from Faculty of Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy, an upgrading session (Molecular and Cellular biology and/or Clinical approaches) is proposed prior to the beginning of courses. The involvement of CRCT members in these 4 months courses is very important and includes plenary lectures (≥ 120 hours/year) as well as tutorials and boards of evaluation.  A 5-month experimental training is required and the CRCT teams are also greatly involved in this part of the formation (≥12 students per year). The M2R Cancerology will be directed by Pr. H. Prats (Team 5) for the next habilitation. It will evolve through a greater participation of the socio-economical world and by incorporation of a section foreseen in the Labex TOUCAN program that should prepare an international Master program dedicated to translational approaches in cancer research and care with interdisciplinary concepts for system biology, nano-medicine, biophysics, drug-design intelligence etc... (Labex TOUCAN Education program supervised by Pr. C. Cazaux). To this end, more and more courses of the existing M2R Cancerology will be held in English. 

Master students are prepared to the competitive exam for doctoral contracts from the French Ministry of Education by voluntary CRCT scientists.


 Intertwined roles of NER Factors in transcription and DNA repair Impact of their deregulation in Xeroderma Pigmentosum
01/06/2017- Dr Nicolas Lemay - Salle C. Cazaux - 11:00 - 12:00

 Selective Targeting and Delivery of Therapeutics to Cancer Cells and Tumors Based on the Tumor Microenvironment
29/05/2017 - Dr Damien Thevenin - Salle C. Cazaux - 11:00 - 12:00
Inserm Université Toulouse 3 - Paul Sabatier CNRS